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Sakai Wrap Around Bracelet

Made in San Francisco.

-Wrap around leather bracelet with three indigo fabric details. Each piece of indigo holds small gold decorative balls.
-Cinq jewelry is handmade in small quantities. Using natural elements, vintage finds and mixing textiles, each piece is beautifully unique.
Flat rate for an entire order-
Domestic ground for the lower 48 states is $10.00
Domestic ground to Alaska or Hawaii is $20.00
Next day air domestic is $60.00
2nd day air domestic is $40.00
3 day select domestic is $30.00

More on shipping & returns can be found in our customer care section.
Cinq was founded in February 2012 for the purpose of experimenting and going back to the old fashioned way of crafting by hand.

Natural elements and vintage finds are the key components. Textures, colors, and shapes naturally become the focal point of the creative process. Indigo cloth and leather are signatures of Cinq. Mixing textiles with metals and natural stones brings a familiar tone and warmth to the pieces.

Each piece is handcrafted in San Francisco. All styles are made in small quantities and some are one of a kind.
Cinq Sakai Wrap Around Bracelet Angle1 Cinq Sakai Wrap Around Bracelet Angle1
Cinq Sakai Wrap Around Bracelet