Redwood Soap 240g

This fantastic bar soap moisturizes and cleans with a beautiful natural scent.

-100% vegetable based.
-Enriched with olive oil and sweet almond oil.
-Good for 36 months after opening under normal dry conditions.
Flat rate for an entire order-
Domestic ground for the lower 48 states is $10.00
Domestic ground to Alaska or Hawaii is $20.00
Next day air domestic is $60.00
2nd day air domestic is $40.00
3 day select domestic is $30.00

More on shipping & returns can be found in our customer care section.
Started over twenty years ago, Lafco, was founded on the principle skin and body care item, soap. Growing from their famous and wonderful soaps, Lafco, expanded into the other realms of skin and body care; fragrances, creams, balms, and yes, more soaps. Now at the top of the industry, Lafco is a respected and sought after brand name and product.
LAFCO Redwood Soap 240g Angle1 LAFCO Redwood Soap 240g Angle1
LAFCO Redwood Soap 240g